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Design influences the world around us more than we know. From every touchpoint, branding and visual design is guiding the decisions we make, the money we spend, and the connections that we build.

When you are ready to take control of your brand’s narrative, we are ready to help cement your brand into the mind of your consumers.


Brand strategy

Brand identities

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Social media design

Packaging design

Editorial & publication design

Merch design

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These selected services are our quintessential building blocks to creating unforgettable brand experiences. Typically, we mix and match to achieve the results you’re looking for. Even if you’re not sure what exactly you need at this time, we invite you to fill out the inquiry form so we can figure it out together on a free, non-binding consultation call.

Brand strategy


We believe that strategy is the backbone of every successful business.

In any context, no matter what “success” looks like to you. Our approach to brand strategy gives your business a foundation from which to grow, and a singular place in culture as a whole. By starting with a comprehensive understanding of your messaging, your brand voice, your positioning, your audience, and your vision, your brand strategy becomes the basis for every move you make in your business—visual or otherwise.

All of our bespoke packages are custom-quoted to best suit your needs.

Brand identity


We believe that your brand’s visual storytelling is just as important as the things that you sell.

A brand identity by Bitemark is based on psychology, art, culture, and your overarching goals. We create visuals that help businesses stand out, regardless of the industry they’re in. More than just subjective, personal taste. We develop brands that can exist within the larger context of culture, now and forever. Those who want to proudly claim their title as the “black sheep” of their field are welcome to apply.

All of our bespoke packages are custom-quoted to best suit your needs.

Web design + development


We believe that a business is only as good as its first impression.

Which makes your website that much more important. Our websites are immersive experiences, built through advanced interactions and animations and designed to completely captivate visitors. With your branding and mission at the forefront, your website becomes a work of art that you are itching to show off.

All of our bespoke packages are custom-quoted to best suit your needs.

Design Intensive


We believe that everyone deserves a helping hand.

Regardless of where you are in your business journey. Growing a business and a brand presence isn’t easy, but with design on your side it becomes simpler. Because, when people have something to remember you by, you can quickly become a staple in their everyday lives. Design intensives are one day projects focused on either building your visual branding, or customising your website template so that you can launch with confidence and get a leg up on leaving your mark.

Design Intensives start at $2,000

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