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Your business deserves a leg to stand on, even when you’re not ready to invest in full-service strategy and design.

With Design Intensives, you can experience the value that thoughtfully-curated brand and website design brings without the wait. It’s a win for everyone.

For big first steps

If you’re a new entrepreneur, you might be hesitant to invest in brand strategy and design, because you don’t know how things are going to shift inside your business. With a Design Intensive, you can confidently engage with potential clients and show up for your brand in a big way. That way, even when things change, you have a rock-solid visual foundation to fall back on.

For quick impact

Sometimes impatience is a good thing. If you are looking for a boost in confidence, visual presence, and sales, start with your design. In the world of business, things tend to build slowly over time. Consider this the one time you don’t have to wait to see the results that you want.

For the cherry on top

You’ve already had the business idea that you know will impact your life, your industry, and your customers. But a business is only as good as the way that it shows up in the world. Branding and website design are the cherries on top of all your greatest innovations.

Select your focus

Being active and present in your business isn’t always an easy feat. Especially when you are fighting an uphill battle against your brand design.

A flying crocodile with wings.

As a new entrepreneur, people will often tell you: Hold off on investing in design until you find your footing.

But what they’re missing is the fact that finding your footing is borderline impossible without consistent branding aiding you as you start to grow your audience and presence. If people have nothing to latch onto, nothing to remember you by, your business will not find the footing.

Brand Intensives were developed for the business owner who wants to ditch the bland C*nva templates from the jump and get the momentum that they are seeking without fighting against their own branding day in and day out.

Over the course of our intensive, we will work to translate your vision into a unique brand that reflects your expertise and mission, mesmerises your audience, builds brand recognition, and serves as the basis for your marketing.

What's typically included?







Revisions &

See what's possible for yourself

Fusing the styles of the past and future for a visionary agency.

Redistributing wealth one client at a time with an empowering identity to match.

Lacing in the charm of Paris into a social media manager's brand (she's a cool city girl).

"The brand intensive totally exceeded my expectations with how valuable it turned out to be. Before the intensive I came to Bitemark feeling uninspired, disconnected from my brand, and wanting to stand out from all the sameness I kept seeing in this space. They were able to translate my scattered inspirations into a well thought out theme that made so much sense strategically and also visually."

Kiarra Soleil, Social Media Manager

"Working with Bitemark was the best thing I could have done for my brand. I want to be a cool retro-futuristic alien cowboy astronaut and somehow they saw the vision and pulled it off. You can trust Martha to put her heart into every design. She truly cares about her customer’s experience and is determined to get you the results you’re after."

Jess, founder of Scale Your Socials, Social Media Marketing Agency

"Working with Bitemark was on my vision board for over a year now. Even coming into this partnership with extremely high expectations, I was still shocked by how amazing the results were. I am so obsessed with all the assets I received - it feels unique, edgy, yet timeless which is exactly knew why I wanted to hire Bitemark. If you’re considering working with them, please do."

Georgia Petrou, Social Media Manager



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And how do we do it?

Prep work

Apply for a day that works with your schedule, keeping in mind that you will need to be by your computer on that day to make revisions.

Complete an in-depth brand discovery questionnaire (including visual inspiration) two weeks ahead of your selected intensive day.

Meet for the scheduled strategy call one week before your selected intensive day to establish the creative direction, clearly define objectives, and approve the order of priorities.

Day of

We will spend the full eight hours designing, revising, and perfecting your brand’s visual design.

Throughout the day, we’ll send across your assets in order of priority and request your timely feedback. This is required to ensure that we complete as much as possible during your intensive day. Any revisions will be implemented in real time.

At the end of the day, you will receive a link with your final files and brand board. We’ll walk you through your new brand so you can confidently implement your new identity moving forward.

Investment: $2,000

(payment plans available)

Coming soon.

Design Intensive FAQs

How is a Design Intensive different from a full-scale project?

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Shorter timelines, more cut-and-dry process, and a singular focus on visual design.

With full branding and website projects, we spend weeks going back and forth with research, presentations, meetings, and revisions, and place a heavy focus on brand strategy. In an intensive structure, we are able to pare all of that back into a day’s worth of work (plus prep) by cutting out the back and forth and focusing on what's essential.

For branding, that means: we create an expressive visual identity that's built on your understanding of your target market, business, and offer(s). We don't develop your brand foundations together 1:1 like we would during a full-scale project but the focus is still on creating brand design that strategically conveys your message and draws in your people.

For websites, that means: you might not get all the bells and whistles a custom website build offers (e.g. advanced animations and custom coded elements), but we'll make sure to give you a digital home base that feels unique, captures interest, and converts visitors to buyers. The things that really matter so you can start making more money more quickly.

How do I know if a Design Intensive is for me?

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Design Intensives were designed for the entrepreneur or business who wants professional branding or a website that is tailored to their goals but is on a modest budget, expects things in their business to change quickly, and/or wants to be able to launch ASAP.

You already know we're big on strategy and intensives are no exception. But to create from an informed place during an intensive, we heavily rely on your participation. Instead of us taking the reins in laying the foundation for your brand like we would during a full-scale project, you need to have a good understanding of your target market, business, and offer(s).

Which version of brand & web design works best for you ultimately depends on your goals and your current situation. If you need help deciding whether a full project or a Design Intensive is the better fit for you and your business, feel free to reach out to hi@bitemark.studio.

Is there a chance we won’t finish on time?

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When you are choosing a Design Intensive service, you are investing in our time rather than a set of deliverables. That means the outcome of a Brand Intensive can vary depending on your priorities, the complexity of your design, and the speediness of your feedback. We can’t promise any amount of deliverables but with efficient communication, you'll get a minimum of logo, colour palette, and type suite guaranteed. In the past, we've always had time for extras such as brand elements, Instagram templates, and stock photo sourcing.

Prior to our intensive day, we will ask you for anything else that you might want included if we have extra time and we will prioritise those deliverables by importance.

What if I need branding and a website?

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Simple, you can book two intensives! We will advise on the timing of the two days. With Design Intensives, there are a handful of things that we need on your end before we can start the project (copywriting, photography, etc.). So, we will need to discuss the timeline to ensure that you’re able to deliver everything needed before we start. To discuss booking two Design Intensives, please reach out to hi@bitemark.studio.

What if we’re not in the same time zone?

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Bitemark is based in Manchester, UK (BST time zone). That means, we sometimes have to adjust the schedule in circumstances where the time zones are too different. Please don’t let that discourage you. The majority of our clients are US-based, and we have always had a plan! In an instance where we are in vastly different time zones, the intensive will be split in half so that it’s two half days instead of one full day.

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