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Cultivating brand experiences that stand for something bigger

Our clients know that the “same old” won’t suit them. They want to proudly claim their title as the “black sheep” of their industry. They are ready to leave a mark.

Ambitious businesses deserve strategy and design that’s devised to build deep connections and lifelong loyalty. With a little bit of edge, a sturdy backbone, and a deep love for all things art, culture, and design, we work hand-in-hand with you to develop a brand that will leave a (Bite)mark.

We like art, horror, gripping visuals, and pushing past the mainstream.

“Because I’m doing something in my industry that’s a bit different from the “norm,” I really wanted to stand out with my branding. 100% accomplished.”

Brooke Simon, founder of Agents by Brooke

You like standing out and finding the deeper meaning in the small details.

Our work is based on three key philosophies.
Starting from an informed place, we can create just about anything.

Backed by psychology

As in, consumer psychology, empathy, and human nature. You know: what makes people tick. Our brands connect beyond just selling stuff, because there are real, living, breathing human beings on the other side of the screen. So why not treat them as such?

Informed by art

The form of human communication that has spanned decades and overcome all time, language, and distance barriers. Art is our way of communicating with the past, present, and future all at once. How cool is that?

Rooted in culture

Our values, interests, and inner workings are the perfect playground for concepting a brand that stands for something bigger. Brands shouldn’t be created in a bubble. In order to thrive in the real world, they need to be built from contextual awareness.

What does that mean for you?

It means that, when you choose to work with us, you should brace yourself for an influx of new connections, opportunities, and (of course) cold, hard cash.

Personal gain aside, let’s paint the big picture:


Everyone wants it, we know how to get it. A thoughtfully developed brand will get you a lot more than your standard 15 minutes of fame.

Ethical sales

When marketing, sales, and pitching make you feel like you need an hour-long shower, you know it’s time to make a change. Strategic branding makes selling a given, and brings people to you that are excited to be there.

Cultural impact

A brand that people stand behind has influence. By earning recognition and respect from your community, you get the buy-in you need to make a big difference. As a collective, you can achieve your ultimate goal of making the world a better place.

How do we make that happen?

We believe that innovation, led by curiosity, insight, and courage, is the difference between the mediocre and the outstanding. Put simply: we don’t do mediocre.

We don’t believe that numbers tell the whole story but we know that quality insight leads to quality outcomes. Nothing we do is plucked out of thin air.

We believe that two brains are better than one and keep collaboration between our clients and network of creative support at the centre of our work. By combining our collective skillsets, ideas, experiences, and perspectives, we ensure that the output is personal and comprehensive. We take you, your audience, and your societal impact into consideration while cultivating your brand.

A crocodile with wings.

And who is the big brains behind this operation?

Personality type that is creative, idealistic, introverted, and possesses an instinctive sense of empathy. Unafraid to break the rules.

Including but not limited to: psychological horror movies, experimental interior design, bizarre art, and dark historical podcasts.

Portrait of Bitemark Studio founder Martha Rose: the woman is holding a phrenology head to her face, in the background there is a sparkly lake and green. The vibe is very soft, ethereal, and retro glowy.

Meet Martha Rose

Bitemark Studio Founder & CEO

A German gem currently based in the UK, Martha is double degree-qualified in International Management/Business and Marketing. Combined with her love for all things "odd", our INFP-A  leader creates her work through a unique lens that walks the line between “offbeat” and “functional for business”.

It’s this skilful balancing act of logic (strategy) and emotions (artistry) that breeds brands which excel in resonating with their audience.

But more than “just” creating lasting success and personal alignment for business owners, this human-centered approach to design also supports Martha’s large-scale objective of positively shaping  people’s everyday experiences.

Become a future-forward brand that’s informed by the past and equipped for the present.

"When I approached Bitemark, my business was on the cusp of growing and as a website copywriter, I needed a banging website. Even though our styles are worlds apart the theme between us both is that we don’t give a F what others think or do and instead lead with intuition and imagination. My new website led to me being booked out for 6 months and I get compliments on it ALL the time."

Kate, founder of Eat Your Words, Copywriting Studio

"Working with Bitemark was the best thing I could have done for my brand. I want to be a cool retro-futuristic alien cowboy astronaut and somehow Bitemark saw the vision and pulled it off."

Jess, founder of Scale Your Socials, Social Media Marketing Agency

“Not only are they intuitive and strategic about branding, but they are so insanely talented and can bring any vision to life with clarity and expertise. They took my ideas and presented them to me in ways that made them 100 times better.”

Kori Whitby, founder of By Kori Whitby

"This is my second time working with Bitemark and both times I was blown away with the results. They were able to translate my scattered inspirations into a well thought out theme that made so much sense strategically and also visually."

Kiarra Soleil, Social Media Manager

"Working with Bitemark was on my vision board for over a year now. Even coming into this partnership with extremely high expectations, I was still shocked by how amazing the results were."

Georgia Petrou, Social Media Manager



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