Kiarra Soleil


Redistributing wealth one client at a time with an empowering identity to match.

What we did

Our Design Intensive service with a focus on branding:

Creative Direction

Visual Identity (logo variations, colour palette, typography suite)

Brand Elements + Patterns

Stock Image Sourcing

Instagram Templates

Bored by the social media landscape, Kiarra decided to be the change she wants to see. She already knew what she stood for at the core; she just needed some fine tuning in her positioning and a visual identity that felt as empowering as her mission of making the collective richer in ways beyond just money.

Who are we talking about?

Few brands live by stronger values than Kiarra Soleil. On a micro level, Kiarra is dedicated to empowering marginalised entrepreneurs by taking on the tasks they don't want to do and helping them forge their own path rather than following that of a more privileged person. On a macro level, her value-driven approach to business makes a big difference in promoting wealth distribution, decolonisation, and social justice.

And what’s the problem?

Social media has turned into a parrot playground, with people endlessly repeating each other's thoughts and ideas, resulting in a mostly unstimulating landscape. Not just in terms of aesthetics but also in regards to messaging. Wanting to be the change she wants to see and not further adding to the noise, Kiarra came to us for help to a) get clarity on her brand and how she wants it perceived and b) to receive visuals that match her vision. The idea was to bring what's already there on the inside to the surface so that Kiarra could authentically show up for her brand and community, and make a bigger impact. Another major objective was to regain the sense of connection to her business that had dwindled over time.

So what's the solution?

To truly connect with the movers and shakers in the online space (real peeps that want to make a real change), Kiarra's brand identity needed to powerfully represent her beliefs while conveying her personal vibe. To address both objectives, we drew inspiration from Kiarra's fascination with vintage magazines, movies, pop culture, fashion, and history, landing on a direction that channels the iconic energy of the 60s feminist movement. It's both sexy and classy, feminine and alluring. Ultimately, it's relevant to herself and her target audience of socially-conscious, value-driven women.

Setting the stage with an iconic logo.

Think of Kiarra's new logo as the closing credits of an old Hollywood movie, but with a twist. Instead of signaling the end, it's the start of a thrilling journey towards more ethical business practices. And thanks to its classic feel, it not only evokes nostalgia but also serves as a great medium to capture the essence of a lasting legacy.

Illustrative stickers each telling a piece of the story.

To enhance the bigger narrative and add more visual interest to Kiarra's (future) website, we developed a handful of custom illustrations.

Inspired by her name (Soleil = French word for sun), we designed a sun that could hold little messages. The clam with a pearl is a nod to Hollywood glamour and the allure of hidden treasures, representing the idea that there's more beneath the surface. Kiarra Soleil is a brand with substance, and performative practices are strictly prohibited for both herself and her selected clients. It's all about inner beauty and genuine intentions.

The phone is a digitally inked illustration and can be placed in the context of encouraging people to book discovery calls as a first step in partnering with Kiarra. As the highest ranking suit in card games, the Spade is not only a symbol of luck, it also evokes associations of poker games, martinis (hey, another brand element), and sophisticated bars. And that's a big part of the mood we wanted to create for Kiarra Soleil.

Reds represent fiery female passion.

The emotions that informed Kiarra's colour palette are those of female rage, passion, and sexuality. Naturally, reds have taken on the star roles. Then we have the supporting colours: neutrals or more specifically off-black, champagne, and warm grey that serve to soften the look and increase flexibility and contrast when designing. Finally, olive green is part of the show to complement the reds and break up the monotony.

Rocker girlfriend meets vintage glamour - type edition.

What feels like it might be a clash on paper, is a match made in heaven in action: a type suite inspired by old magazines and sophisticated liquor bottle labels. Rocka & Billy, Kiarra's new signature font captures the unapologetic, cool, and upfront essence of the brand. With its charismatic and cheeky vibe, it's the perfect display font to add some edge to the brand's identity. The other players in her type suite are much more toned down in comparison. Mountella, our choice for headings, feels editorial but friendly while Roboto is a true classic with great legibility for subheadings and body copy. This suite is like a leather jacket and pearls combo. Slightly unexpected, but undeniably cool.

Movie ticket, film roll, or strand of pearls? You decide.

The patterns and textures leave room for interpretation, but taken as a whole, they conjure up the spirit of old Hollywood: movie tickets, theater curtains, film rolls, cinema screens, stamps, and pearl necklaces. So, what do you see?

And the final result?

We're proud to have made Kiarra's values, musings, and her personality so visible to the world. The breadth of elements allows her to fully express herself in a variety of ways when creating content. Now we can't wait to see her go after her business goals with full vigour.

In the words of Kiarra:

"This is my second time working with Bitemark and both times I was blown away with the results. Specifically this second time their brand intensive totally exceeded my expectations with how valuable it turned out to be. Before the intensive I came to Martha feeling uninspired, disconnected from my brand, and wanting to stand out from all the sameness I kept seeing in this space. The end results left me feeling SO inspired and more aligned with my brand than ever before. If you are wanting to stand out in your industry and not sure how, I highly suggest getting your brand design done by Bitemark."